Business Solvency Advice Podcasts

Chris Baskerville

The wealth of knowledge and expertise of the Insolve members is deep, wide and very, very valuable.

In this podcast series, Chartered Accountant Chris Baskerville shares some gems to help your business thrive.

Episode 1

Why listen to the Sounds of Baskerville?

Episode 2

Where's decent business advice (without the mega free con job?

Episode 3

A business without a plan is Sawdust

Episode 4

Failure is an option!

Episode 5

What sort of phoenix is it?

Episode 6

Start your startup right

Episode 7

Got into a business? Why and how to get organised on the go

Episode 8

Having tough conversations

Episode 9

Finding your business soulmate

Episode 10

Just one thing - the high cost of hubris

Episode 11

You can't touch this one thing

Episode 12

Just bad luck and thinking about Plan B

Episode 13

Just the one thing. Knowing when to cash out or walk away

Episode 14

Just snatching defeat from the jaws of victory

Episode 15

You cannot stand still in business - but which way do you go?

James Flaherty

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