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John Shanahan

Life After Bankruptcy

We filmed this with John Shanahan before all hell – and COVID-19 – broke loose. John’s wise words of advice about ‘life after bankruptcy’ are now more useful than ever

Helping Professionals Keep Their Clients

Sometimes you wonder, if you refer a good client to the ‘top end of town’ will I ever see them again? Here’s why you can trust Insolve members to refer them back

Bill Cotter & Bruce Pasetti discuss director's liabilities

Panel Discussion; COVID Business Concessions

March 2020 is long gone, Covid concessions and relief are either going or gone. So what now for business owners? Bill Cotter, Ginette Muller and Bruce Pasetti discuss what’s next for businesses as they face the new year and this new reality.

Chapter 11 for Small to Medium Businesses? And what is that anyway?

Not all of the ideas banded about as ways to solve the current business crisis are good ones. Business owners need to understand the good and the bad about ideas that are proposed to make their ‘lives easier’. Will they? Chris Baskerville, Bill Cotter and James Flaherty discuss this Thought Bubble.

Deferring Preference Claims

Why? And is that fair? James Flaherty discusses with Registered Liquidators Chris Baskerville and Bill Cotter.

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James Flaherty

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