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The Business Life Cycle

David Levi chats through how he applies the Adizes Business Life Cycle. Here David goes through a quick explainer of the concept, importantly though, he chats through how he applies it with business owners – if they are in financial trouble – or want the business to grow.

Why would I talk with a Liquidator? Isn’t engaging with a Liquidator the kiss of death?

The Insolve Panel is made up of commercial business people, each one is an experienced liquidator who can assist if there is a business failure. They all say however, that they love turning things around and saving a business. Maybe it is a tax debt or a one one-off issue that can be managed? In this video Stephen James talks through some of the options.

Building Industry Solvency

We read the other day about failure rates in the building industry in NSW and Victoria. Queensland has the QBCC Solvency Reports, which are designed to reduce failures in time, but they are testing a few people. There has been some noise about what they may bring. In this Insolve Panel Video Solicitor Bruce Pasetti of has done some related work in Queensland. We filmed Bruce with Insolve’s Bill Cotter to chat through the issues without the hype.

Why do Directors leave it so late? Get advice early

John Morgan shares in this video some of  his experience when Directors come to see him and how long they put off the tough decisions. As he points out, there are options, but Directors and their advisers need to act.

Investing in a Franchise – what are the issues?

Bill Cotter of the Insolve Panel and Bruce Pasetti of, in this Insolve Panel Video talk through the issues to keep in mind when considering investing in a Franchise or if you have one and it isn’t doing as well as you’d hoped. We hear that hospitality and retail are doing it tough in places – but there are good businesses and good business models. What are the issues, options and the questions to ask?

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